Lucky Pennies Made My Day

Double Luck!

Finding a penny is worth a lot. The monetary value isn’t saying much but the symbolism is priceless. I like to believe each coin is packed with luck. Some might say they are packed with love, a message from angels in heaven, say a grandparent or parent. “Hey, I’m watching over you! Don’t you forget!” And bam, a penny is at your feet and suddenly you are tingling with happiness.

Finding two pennies, together, well that’s worth double luck. This happened to me!  My lucky, lucky day!

I was already feeling pretty lucky when I found a parking space in the always-crowded Walnut Creek where I like to shop. As I put a quarter in the meter I noticed two pennies, resting on the meter, one heads and the other tails. Could that be mom AND dad? Or is it two kinds of luck? Either way, I was lit, practically skipping to Nordstrom. Ok, maybe I was giving myself a mental high-five, smiling from ear to ear because what are the chances I find a parking spot and TWO pennies!

I left the copper coins in place, sort of paying it forward. Just believing I was lucky or loved or both, was enough for me. I didn’t need the pennies to prove it or to pay my meter. Not that I could pay the meter, quarters only. A penny can’t buy a minute anyway, only a lucky or loving feeling.

You know what, I got my meter money back at the grocery store an hour later. At checkout, I found a quarter lying on the ground. I picked it up and asked the cashier if it belonged to her or someone else.

“Nope. It’s yours. Save it for the parking meter.”

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2 Responses to Lucky Pennies Made My Day
  1. Teresa Caldwell
    February 8, 2017 | 2:31 pm

    Now I’m the lucky one, for getting to read this fun post, Francie!

    • Francie
      February 8, 2017 | 4:56 pm

      Double, double luck! Mine and yours!

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