Twelve Things I Learned From Blogging 30 Days Even A NonBlogger Will Appreciate


HOORAY!  HOORAY!  HOORAY!                                 (Photo Credit:  Hubby!)

Yay! I did it! I blogged every day for THIRTY days!

I’m a leaner writer for it too, no wasted words. I posted original work, no re-dos. Hubby told me I was defeating the purpose if I did. I guess it would be like double counting a workout on Tuesday to make up for not working out on Sunday. At times it was hard, like giving up chocolate, but I in the end, I’m really glad I took the challenge.

To my amazing followers: THANK YOU! As they say on the airplane, “I know you have choices out there. THANK YOU for choosing me.”

I’d like to especially thank Teresa Caldwell who posted a comment on EVERY post for thirty days. It’s like you were there at every mile mark for a marathon run.  Same for my sister Pam who emailed after every post.

And to my writing mentor, Elizabeth Fishel, I finally get it. Writing does beget writing.


What did I learn from this experience?

  • Doing anything for thirty days can create habit.  Choose wisely.
  • An hour here or twenty minutes there are suffice to do something. Two hours is a gift, stop waiting for it.
  • Perfection is subjective and sometimes just not worth it. Post anyway. (Non-blogger, do it anyway.)
  • Stop second-guessing. Someone out there will love what you do.
  • Don’t think too hard. Your imagination can make mountains out of molehills.
  • Just start. Who knows what will come from it?
  • Rest on Sundays. Everyone needs a break, blogger or reader. Runner or cheerleader. You get the idea.  Analytics proved it.
  • I am a happier person. Blogging is like exercise, you feel better afterward.  Once anything is routine, life is weird without, like a missing a cell phone.
  • Just like exercise, I can fit a blog post in at least twice a week. I don’t have to post every day; it’s exhausting but possible.  There is more room in the day when push comes to shove.  Practice for a month and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Meet new friends. You will get support and new ideas.
  • Tell your friends about your challenge. They want to support you, they really do.  You will be more accountable and likely to succeed.
  • You will be VERY happy and VERY proud when you finish.
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First Tux


Rites of passage for a teenager include acne, moodiness, heavy homework load, prom, driving, college essays, growing taller than the parents and probably more if you asked a teenager and they were honest. The one thing I did not expect to be a milestone, a first tux.   By first tux, I don’t mean renting…

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We Match: Hubby and Me

Kind of Yin and Yang.

A long time ago, hubby and I matched up.  We found each other at college and have been together ever since.  Besides the lovey-dovey stuff, we match in other ways.  We dress alike. I know some couples do on purpose, wearing matching red sweaters or coats. A couple walks in my neighborhood wearing the same…

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Fashion Friday: Fur Fun

Not warm but looks hot!  Banana Republic

Might not be winter on the calendar but the temperatures sure say, “Baby it’s cold out.”  Faux fur is THE trend for staying warm.  Any kind of fur will do:  long, short, black, brown, white.  If it’s fur, you are hot in more ways than one.   Fear of fur?  A scarf or built in fur…

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Buy The Darn Turkey Already

Gobble Gobble!

On Thanksgiving Eve, I was trying to do too many things.  My blog needed updating.  I needed breakfast and a lot of coffee.  I had been up since 5:05 AM to take my son swimming and swim myself.  All the while I’m doing these things, I’m stressing out because I did not have my Thanksgiving…

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Finding Jackie Chan 2

A new "site" in San Francisco

In two days, I gave my brother and his wife the San Francisco 101 tour. We rode the cable car, visited the fortune cookie factory and Alcatraz. We ate our way through the Ferry building grabbing Vietnamese noodle bowls and fancy cheeses and bread.   We got the coveted picture in front of the Golden…

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The Wine to Drink with Thanksgiving Turkey

Wine Glasses

Let’s sit down for a second to talk turkey wine. I’ve got my “wine glasses” or “rosé glasses” to set the mood. As happy as I look in my new shades, you might doubt my depth of knowledge on the subject. I do know enough to be dangerous.   I worked in a wine store…

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Be Kind To Retail Peeps

shopping boxes

  In the next few weeks we will be shopping, shopping, shopping. We will be buying for ourselves, for someone else and for ourselves again. I always see things I really “need” during the holiday shopping excursions. While searching for the perfect thing, I have one piece of advice: Be kind to the retail peeps.  …

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Daylight Saving Still Lives In My Clock

What time is it for real?

  My bedside table is home to stacks of waiting-to-be-read books, a lamp and a clock radio. I’m not even sure how hold my clock radio is, but it’s old technology I contemplate disposing of each time I dust. I don’t use the alarm or the radio. It’s overkill because only the red digital face…

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Love of the Game: Missing High School Football

Happy times.

  The end of an era occurred last night. High school football is over for my son and his parents. Tears were in everyone’s eyes. Guys with their pads, slapping each other on the back or trying to give bear hugs around  chests as wide as a Mack truck, nearly impossible.   I saw it…

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