Happiness Is Going To The Dump

My new friend Robert!

We had a pile of junk in our garage. Nobody wanted to drive it to the dump. Not me nor hubby and no surprise, not even my college son home for spring break wanted to drive to the dump. I thought maybe, my son and I could partner. ‘Ya know, give us a little one-on-one time while doing something productive. He made himself very scarce.

Well, rather than ask again, I thought I would throw on my ratty yoga pants and start loading the car. Maybe someone would feel sorry for me and help me out. Car loaded and there was still no sign of anyone feeling a tiny bit guilty enough to pitch in.

“Alrighty then, looks like I’m going it alone,” I said to my self as I Google Mapped my way to the dump, twenty minutes away. I carefully drove up the highway to Martinez, using my side view mirrors with extra care since I couldn’t see out the back, not one squat. My car was stuffed with stuff!

As I exit the highway, I notice the pretty spring green grassy hills and water pooling in the marsh. There’s a dump here? I follow the signs to the Acme Landfill and can’t help but think of the Road Runner cartoons with the Acme anvils that fell from the sky. I don’t feel like I’m driving to the dump because I don’t see huge piles of junk all over the place.

I pull up to the attendant box and say, “Hi. I’ve never done this before. How does this work?”

“It’s $32. You pay now. Then drive over there to one of the doors, a guy will tell you which one.”

Easy enough. I drive 2 minutes to a door and I’m asked to back in. WHAT?!? I can’t see out my back window! I’m squiggly and slow, using my side view mirrors to back the car in until The Guy at Door #3 signaled for me to stop. I couldn’t help but notice his smirk. I know, I’m a rookie! Of course I didn’t even think to look at the backup camera video screen in my car. I’m still not used to that feature even after two years!

The rear of my car is facing a pile of junk. This was what I expected, and to be stinky, but it wasn’t smelly at all! I got out of the car and The Guy at Door #3 started giving me instructions.

“Just start tossing your stuff on to the pile. Get all your frustrations out!” He said with an inviting smile. I could tell he kind of wanted to help me but there must be some rules about it so he just stayed out of my way.

I started hurling my junk into the pile, feeling guilty because first I was throwing sharp and/or heavy objects that could hurt someone and I felt like I was littering! After a couple of tosses I started having fun, whirling an old bike wheel like it was a frisbee. I made a high fling with the busted screen and a low throw with the splintery two by four.  I must have smiled because the next thing I know, The Guy from Door #3 was back.

“You got any glass in there. You could SMASH it!” He cheered.

“Dang. I don’t, just some clay pots.”

I finished in about ten minutes. And The Guy was back, admiring the big smile on my face. “You’ll be back!”

“I WILL! That was sooo fun!” I hopped into my car for about thirty seconds and got right back out. I took a picture. The Guy looked at me kind of funny.

“I have a happiness blog and well, I think this would make a good blog. Hey, do you want to be in it, ya know a selfie with me?”

“Sure!” His buddy peeked around my car to see what we could possibly be doing. We solicited him to take the pic.

Afterward, The Guy, removed his glove and shook my hand. “I’m Robert!”

“I’m Francie! I’m coming back! Thank you!!!!!”

In one trip to the dump I got rid of junk and my frustrations, made a new friend and came away with a heart full of happiness, all for thirty-two bucks! ($4 extra since I took a wrong exit and was forced to drive over the Martinez Bridge. Still worth it.)

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