Girlfriends Are The Best!

You know those moments when you think, “Wow! I have the best girlfriends!” Sometimes I’m driving in my car thinking about how a friend who solved a problem for me. Or I might think about an acquaintance who gave me the low-down for writing a book and becomes my friend.  Girlfriends are the best in so many ways.


A girlfriend will buy you a bottle of wine because it literally has your name on it.

My brother's nickname for me on a wine label!

Close enough for me!

A girlfriend is someone who drops everything no matter how busy with work or family to take a two-hour walk with you to listen and advise when you are in double trouble.


A girlfriend is someone who will research the Internet to find a DIY Christmas ornament you can make with the fabric from an old family couch.

The First!

A girlfriend will stop you in your rotten tracks when you tell her about your sick child who is making his own soup while you talk on the phone. “Wait, what did I just hear you say? Your sick kid is making his own soup?” She loves you anyway.


A girlfriend will plan an entire trip to Italy for you and answer a bazillion questions for eight months, even stupid questions you could get off Google Maps like how long does it take to drive from Rome to Tuscany?


A girlfriend is someone who sends you a link to an Italian class hoping you’ll sign up so you can carpool together to make it more fun.


A girlfriend loves your kids as if they were their own.


A girlfriend is someone who plans an entire menu around your dietary quirks for a book club luncheon. (A lot of girlfriends here in one place!)

My Book Pals, minus a few.


A girlfriend gets a co-worker to talk to your teenage son about possible careers.

A girlfriend takes the time to write a long and heartfelt thank-you for hosting her for a week.  She tells you little things about your cozy home and wonderful family and yummy Chinese food cooked by your husband.

Our first night in SF

My Sweet Swedish Friend.

A girlfriend saves a spot in her family room for you and the bright red bean bag you insist on bringing to her annual academy awards party.

Academy Award seating

Academy Award seating

A girlfriend helps you refurbish your parents old furniture to turn your living room into a stylish keepsake and says she only wants your eternal friendship in return.

Best Gift!

Best Gift!

A girlfriend tells you immediately after your son signs on to a college to get your parent-weekend hotel booked.

A girlfriend thinks of you at the Vatican.

Friends who know my love of Pope Fran.

Friends who know my love of Pope Fran.

A girlfriend sends a text to let you know she’s thinking about you when she hears you are in a bad spot. No questions, just support.


A girlfriend will let you vent, never tells a soul and never judges.


A girlfriend will let you drink too much wine. She will probably drink too much wine with you.

Best bonding medicine.

Best bonding medicine.


A girlfriend will ask permission to buy the same boots you own because she likes them that much but doesn’t want to offend you.


A girlfriend will help you justify purchasing an expensive, killer top; an act a hubby would never understand OR DO!

Had to...

Had to…

A girlfriend drops chicken soup and saltine crackers at your front door when you are too sick to move.


A girlfriend can fill in for your mom who lives in heaven. She gives advice that only comes with maturity.

At The Moth with Jean.

At The Moth with Jean.

A girlfriend believes in your talents when you can’t see it. She encourages you to write blog posts and books.  (Lots and lots of support here!)

On NYC sidewalk..

On NYC sidewalk..

A girlfriend tells you how much you mean to her.


My kind of Valentine.





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I Wanna Be A Millennial

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The Easter Bunny Lives

small easter picture

    And that’s the way it was fourteen years ago. A two-year-old was in a face-off with the Easter Bunny, unsure of this tall furry creature in the park. Dozens of chubby-legged preschoolers dragged their brimming baskets from egg to egg, delighting in every pastel find. Candy-filled eggs with melting chocolate and jelly beans…

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2016 Election: Vote for the Hair!

Which one is your favorite?

Regardless of your choice of candidates, most people would agree the 2016 Presidential Election is unprecedented. The frontrunners defied all odds. The lack of political experience improved a candidate’s chances. Usually, discriminatory or inflammatory remarks would sink a candidate, but not this race. Young people are making a huge difference. As long as we are…

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PSA: Don’t Buy Cheap Mascara.

Don't be a Courtney.  Pat Benatar is on Trend.  80s are so NOW!

Don’t buy cheap mascara. If you do, you could look like Courtney Love from her 1993 album cover Live Through This, as pictured above. I was Courtney for Halloween one year. I did it up with an empty pill bottle in my pocket, tiarra,  smeared red lipstick and black eyes.  I bought some SUPER LASH mascara in a…

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“Moms ARE the GREATEST!”

My Corner Office.

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Olympic Dip: Toxic Waters Could Hurt Athletes


  I am not really the science-y type. So, I was a little caught off guard when my Masters Swim buddy suggested I write about the dirty waters of Brazil, the host country to the next summer Olympics. Wow! The topic alone is kind of an Olympic challenge for me. But I chewed on it…

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Journey to Super Bowl City


The Super Bowl is over but we made the most of it in the last 24 hours, starting with a visit to Super Bowl City, right in our own backyard.  The only time we could go was Saturday night, the day before the big game. We risked sharing the moment with 200 thousand of our…

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Top Books To Read in 2016

Looking for a good book? My book club read a pretty crazy-good list in 2015.  Rankings were highly sophisticated, a paper vote and handwritten tally based on 6 of 8 members attending.  We all confessed our votes after the secret query, hence the “almost top three” category.  It was kind of like an Iowa caucus,…

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Alone With The Eagles: Glenn Frey

Old School CD

  Tuesday afternoon, I “Took It Easy” with The Eagles. I was skimming Facebook when I crossed the Rolling Stone tribute to Glenn Frey–20 Essential Songs. I started listening and decided, “I can’t sit here at 4:15 pm staring at a computer and listening to The Eagles.” My family just won’t understand and complain I’m…

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