Sharing Day: The Best Enchilada In The World

When the Health-Crazed Organic-Man Hubby is away, the rest of us eat pizza, hamburgers, spaghetti and enchiladas.  Pretty much anything with starch in the main course is a treat.  I cook, except hamburgers. I can’t top my favorite organic burger from Roam, about the only time I eat something organic that Hubby won’t eat.

During one of Hubby’s last trips, I made enchiladas. I pulled out my paper recipe from the file folder I’ve had for 17 years, before digital recipe boxes.  Ok, before I kept a digital recipe box.  I skimmed over the ingredients, made my shopping list and hit the grocery store.  I vaguely recall making enchiladas six months ago.  I know I modified the recipe to include “purchased” enchilada sauce in a bottle, so I threw that in my cart, along with chicken, goat cheese cheddar, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro and green salsa. Hmm, why green salsa and enchilada sauce?  I didn’t remember that part.

I begin cooking at home, following the recipe and thought, “this is so much harder than I remember.” It was taking forever, like close to an hour just for the prep before baking.

“Wait, how did I miss chicken broth?”  I said to myself.  This recipe is really strange.  I skipped my cheater enchilada sauce, it just didn’t go with chicken broth and green salsa.  I shoved it into the oven for 30 minutes and then called my youngest son for dinner, the oldest was away at college.

“Where is the red sauce?!?” my youngest son cried out in horror as he stared at the anemic enchilada.

“Well, the recipe didn’t really ask for red sauce.  I have some in a bottle.  You could pour a little on like ketchup?”

He drowned it.

“OMG!  It sure is beautiful!  And so healthy looking!”  I said of mine, smothered in fresh avocado, tomato and green onion, no enchilada ketchup.  How did we end up with a healthy dinner without Hubby?

We started eating.

“Hey, this is really good.  I do, I do like green eggs and ham, I mean green enchiladas.” said the skeptical teen.  Or at least that’s how I remembered his words.  It was delicious and it probably was excellent way back in 2010, when I made it the last time, per the date on the paper recipe.

The Best Chicken Enchilada in the World Recipe earned its title.  It really was the BEST.  The digital version still works, so I’m sharing the link here.

Hubby was jealous. Ha!




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It Bugs Me When….

I tell ya, sometimes I’m going along and I’m stopped in my tracks.  A small pet peeve rears its head.  Something like a cereal-crusted bowl next to the sink instead of soaking in the sink or rinsed out and placed in the dishwasher and it bugs me. Or, it bugs me when I find a…

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Old Fashioned Valentine: Roses

For years, bouquets of  red roses with baby’s breath seemed trite to me for Valentine’s Day and an obscene amount of money just because it’s a holiday.  I couldn’t lay that kind of tacky and expensive pressure on my sweetie pie.  Anything BUT red roses spoke to me.  A homemade Valentine or even a conversational candy…

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Sharing Day: People Are Good In DC!

On a recent business trip, Hubby dropped his wallet.  He was just 12 hours away from flying home, possibly without ID.  He called me in a panic in the hotel lobby of a new hotel he had yet to check into because, he was without ID and Credit Cards! Once his wife, me, talked him…

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Love: Stamped and Delivered.

Most days, I can say go well, maybe even spectacular,   But sometimes, a day can go wrong before it ever gets going. Say, the alarm didn’t go off so the early workout was a snooze-or-ama instead of sweat-fest. Say the peacefulness of morning coffee and news was replaced by a riotous phone call. And…

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Lucky Pennies Made My Day

Finding a penny is worth a lot. The monetary value isn’t saying much but the symbolism is priceless. I like to believe each coin is packed with luck. Some might say they are packed with love, a message from angels in heaven, say a grandparent or parent. “Hey, I’m watching over you! Don’t you forget!”…

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Looking For Love

I was never the type to dot an “i” with a heart or  finish off an exclamation point with a heart instead of period.  In fact, it took me awhile to even use the emoji with the “heart kiss” face.  So it may be surprising that one of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day.  I…

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Positivity Challenge: 100 Posts in 2017

I’m starting a positivity campaign and I hope you’ll join me. For 100 days in 2017, I pledge to post a happy, heartwarming or humorous message on my blog. While the type of message is in keeping with my blog’s mission, the frequency is ten times higher than in 2016. It’s my way to offer…

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Happiness: Three Tips for Boosting Cheer in the New Year

“Getting to happy” is the theme of 2017. Every time I check social media or retro-media—the newspaper, another article about how to choose happiness or avoid negativity crops up in my scan for quick news bits. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying good riddance to 2016. We had a lot of icky and…

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Christmas Lights Obsession: A Mom Doing A Dad’s Job.

  I did it again. I, put up the Christmas lights on the house. But this time, it was All. BY. MYSELF. Holiday 2016 was already proving insane and it was only December 1st. If I didn’t take on the task of hanging Christmas lights myself, it would never happen. The weekends were jammed. So,…

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