Seven Fashion Picks for Spring

With spring in the air, the itch to shop is unbearable. I can’t wait to get out. Again. And again. I’ve already started. The last couple of issues of InStyle magazine and unusually warmer weather for March inspired me. It also doesn’t hurt to work in a clothing store a couple of days a week, Specialtees in Lafayette. I started back in September; I work Mondays and Fridays. Hanging out with clothes certainly whets the shopping appetite and gives me a more discerning eye. My list of “wants” for spring has been forming for months.

A few years ago I found a fashion shopping list on an unlikely website for me, Good Housekeeping; it was helpful. I could sort out the “I gotta have” from the “I think I wanna have.” I found most things at budget stores so I didn’t spend much. It was right after knee surgery and I was living in sporty clothes. I just needed a few pick-me-ups for pretty times like GNO (girls night out) or date night.

Ombre chambray.  Ole!

Ombre chambray. Ole!

I want to share my list, in hopes it will help you the way the online magazine list helped me. My picks are general enough I know all the locals following shoezle are not going to look like a flock of flight attendants landed in town. Fashion is a personal statement much like being in an art class. Nobody is going to have the same exact still-life drawing of a bowl of apples. Somebody could create an exact rendition, classic style. Someone else might draw a single apple, more modern. For clothing, it’s the same thing. If I say go buy a chambray shirt, and I will, you will not get the same shirt as your neighbor. We shop at different places. Our body types are different. Just get the chambray shirt that looks best on you.


Francie’s Top Seven Spring Picks:

Chambray Button Down Shirts. Get one. Get three. Any shade of blue from the sky works here: dawn, noon, dusk or even midnight blue. Heck, get every shade of blue in one shirt, an ombré chambray. (Fun rhyme!) Get fitted or flowy or both. Pair it with skirts, shorts, even your blue jeans. You won’t be the denium queen; you will be a fashion plate.


Big Floral is BIG!

Big Floral is BIG!

Florals. ANYTHING. Tops or Bottoms. Larger graphics are more cutting edge, say a skirt, silky top or dress. Avoid florals or prints of any kind on tight leggings unless you have a bad bout with the flu and lose a gazillion pounds. Sometimes I wish. Floral or printed skinnies are best suited for athletic wear if you want to be trendy about it—and it’s a trend. Florals will not do squats with me at the gym but everywhere else works and I mean everywhere.


Pineapples:  IN!

Pineapples: IN!

Modern Floral.

Modern Floral Palazzo.

Palazzo Pant: Flowy pants in other words. Have fun; go with a print here. The legs are so wide it’s almost a maxi skirt with plenty of room for tropical flowers or giant pineapples that won’t add bulk to your frame. (Pineapples are hot.) I love the idea of being cool in the hot temps. Pun intended. I don’t worry about a tan or hairy legs. Palazzo pants can be dressy or casual. Paired with wedgies or flats. I’m so glad their back!


Culottes: A short flowy pant, as in just below the knee. Print or solid—I prefer solid on this one. I like a big bang for my buck. This number is dressy or casual and pairs well with sandals or flip-flops. They are just cool and I like them a lot—cool lots.


Casual sporty dress. I’m going for a dark solid so I can wear sneaks like black leather Vans. Basically it looks like one long t-shirt, preferably with draping in all the right places. Well, ONLY if there is draping in all the right places.


Espadrille. Finally, ANYONE can find a ropey soled shoe to fit their taste. Now espadrilles come in all heights, wedge or loafer; dressy or casual; leather or fabric. If you can dream it, you can probably find a pair for you. I have three pair and one on the wish list. They are affordable so if you can’t make a decision, get them all.


Shiny Greek.

Shiny Greek.

Wide band sandals. I’m going with a dressy and sporty pair on this one. My dressy one is a mix: a band of leather and a band of metal across the top. (Real metal or real-looking metal on shoes is hot, hot, hot.)   The sporty pair look like a space age sneaker, bright white rubber soles with colored bands in black, silver, bright blue, orange or red. It’s such a fun sandal pick a color to match the whimsy. Birkenstocks could fit into the “wide band” category and all over the runway, gulp. If I did get a pair, I’d go with a metallic. Stay as far away from the original mousey-brown suede as possible. Me, I’m just staying away. Bleh.


Go forth and shop! Come visit me at Specialtees, even to just say hi.

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