Pretty Special Delivery Guys


“We’re blogging!”

I’ve got a guy, actually two guys. The dynamic duo I’m talking about deliver appliances with class and swagger. I know because a slow trickle of machines, fridges, ovens and things streamed into my house in the last month. The same ultra cool guys helped me update my kitchen bit by bit.

We started with stuffing a stackable washer and dryer into a closet. That is delicate and tricky business. It took some finessing to get just the right fit, hence a bunch of visits and a lot of time to get to know each other.

Gemar and Corey are SUPER strong. When you watch them slug a 400-pound washer and dryer around like a laundry basket, you kind of wonder where they got their delivery chops. I asked a question based on my limited experience with my son’s high school football career.

“Did you play football in high school?!?” I hoped I was right but I’m also hoping I don’t have to talk too in depth because I don’t know a lot about football. It took me four years to get down my son’s positions, full back and linebacker.

They both played for teams with incredi-athletes that ran the score up whenever they played against my son’s school, but not when he played.  They are a little older than my son. So, that exchange lasted about 2 minutes and we were on to the Warriors, believing a sweep to the championship was inevitable.

If they saw through my thin veil of sports knowledge they never let on. Not even the next visit when we lamented the Warriors horrific fourth game loss, the one to clinch the championship and the sweep. We all had something to say:

“Man, I want to get the bad taste out of my mouth.”

“KD needs a ring!”

“It’s like the rims were rigged, the Cavs shots were going in like a magnet to steel.” (Guess who said that one.)

The next time I saw them, it was twice in one day. I was coming out of a coffee house in Orinda, one town over from me. I saw the familiar black truck and wondered if my guys were in there. Sure enough, they stopped to say hi like an old friend, me standing in the street looking up at their grinning and surprised faces.

“We’ll be at your house in 30 minutes!” A few more things were ready for install.

When they arrived at my house, I fessed up to why I was hanging out at a coffee house. They were curious.

“I meet a group of writers to exchange work.”

“You WRITE! You’ve got to set us up for next time. Check it out!” Or something super cool and exciting like that. I don’t get that kind of reaction often so my confidence was puffing up. I quickly printed out a blog post about going to the dump and passed it on.

A writer is one thing, but a blogger was far more impressive to this crowd. Corey read my work as we walked back to the truck to take a picture for my blog. After such incredibly polite and sincere service, the world deserved to know.

“Hey, this is funny!” Oh my gosh! He gets it! I have to explain my blog so many times and this guy got it on the first read! Now I’m elated. Smart guy!

I’m thrilled to have such an attentive and savvy audience so I tell them about this book I’m writing, “It’s about all the help we got when my husband was in an accident awhile back.”

“That’s something we can all learn from,” Gemar offered. I’m ready to faint. Never does my elevator pitch resonate with someone immediately. Brilliant!

In between saying cheese, Gemar exclaimed,  “Hey, we’re blogging!” These guys were soooo great!

Somehow the conversation turned to deeper topics like the value of a strong community and loving parents. Compassion is the key to a better person. What great guys! I told them too.

I was so happy after my appliances were delivered and it wasn’t the new stuff inside my house, but the heartfelt convo.

I tell ya, if somebody asks if I’ve got a delivery guy, I’ll tell ‘em, “Yep. I’ve got two guys…”

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